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Time   Expertise   Resource

We hear these words all the time and it tends to be a ‘lack of them’ that results in us working with schools. We help schools to review what they have at present, and then get the ball rolling to implement the right catering solution needed to go forward.

Our service is very flexible, we work with you to define what you need help with because every school is different.

It might be that you already have in-house catering but need to review how you do it. You might contract out at the moment and want to bring your catering in house but require assistance in implementing it.

With our years of experience in education catering, as a team, we can create the right catering solution for you and your school. We don’t just consult; we manage and work with you to make it happen including menu planning, training and system implementation. That way you can be confident that you are offering a safe environment for your catering staff and a supplier provision that works within your budgets. It also means that the meals that you are providing are interesting, healthy and enjoyed and are right for your school.

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