About us

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

Our story

When we were founded in 2000 by chef, Gary Stewart, we were a unique little company. We did what no one else in education catering was doing, we worked with schools to create and manage their own, in-house catering service.

Back in 2000 school catering was either contract caterer or local authority ‘one size fits all’ but Gary saw there was another way, one in which schools could have a catering service that suited their needs and allowed them to take control.

Since then we’ve come a long way but we’ve never forgotten our roots and we’re proud to say that our first client is still a customer today.

Why do we do it?

Because we believe that every child deserves the best possible lunch; for health, taste and best for your school.
Eating healthily gives children a great start in life and for some children a school meal is their only meal of the day.
We want children to have an enjoyable food experience at school and for lunch time to be an important part of their school day. Sharing a table and a good meal has so many positive learning opportunities for children, from using a knife and fork to socialising, it’s integral to their social development.

Meet the Team

CMC are a tight-knit team of like-minded chefs and foodies. We all believe that school catering can be exciting for children as well as healthy.
Like any good football team, we all know our role on the pitch but we’re also there supporting each other when needed and we all have our own areas of expertise.
With CMC you don’t just get a consultant, we come as a TEAM.

Want to find out more about what CMC do and how we can help you?