Long term partner for in-house catering at Deanery CE Primary School

  • Anna Fletcher - Catering Manager Deanery CE Primary School

Long term partnership based on trust

When CMC began working with Deanery CE Primary School back in 2000, Anna Fletcher was the Deputy Cook. Twenty years on and with Anna promoted to Catering Supervisor, CMC remain the long term partner of choice for the school’s in-house catering service.

Prior to 2000 the school had been with the local authority catering service but wanted to improve their facility. They looked at contract caterers but felt that going in house would best serve their needs and allow them to make the changes they required. However, the then bursar felt that the school needed expert support to ensure the success of the service. The school bursar heard about CMC through a recommendation from another local school who were already in house with us. Initial discussions between ourselves and the school’s leadership team went well and Deanery Primary appointed us as their catering consultants.

Initially, we helped the school to develop the menu to better meet their children’s requirements and when Anna took over as Catering Supervisor, to develop and expand the menu. “Freedom with the menus,” says Anna, “has been one of the best things about the school being in house.”

Over the years, CMC have also supported Deanery CE Primary School with a major kitchen refurbishment, creating a nursery lunch provision and a staff restructure, as well as attending and supporting the annual Parent’s Afternoon Tea, the end of year Leaver’s Party and numerous functions.
“The school doesn’t have to worry about the catering as CMC are always on the ball with any new legislation and they can get in touch anytime with CMC, there’s always someone there who can help,” says Anna.

At CMC we see the relationships with our clients as a two-way process. Over the years, we have asked Anna to help us with trialing new products or suppliers and we respect her judgement on what works for schools. We, like Deanery CE Primary, value the relationship and after 20 years have worked successfully with not only the catering team but also the school leadership through management changes.

They have supported me through the years with all sorts of things to do with supervising a kitchen. Especially with Covid-19, I had all the documents and advice I needed. If any problems came up, or I had any questions, I knew that I could contact CMC and get the answers I needed.

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